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Peruvian Chocolate
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As Local as Chocolate gets

Peruvian Chocolate keeps its production near the fields of cacao, providing well paying jobs for women in Peru.   

Our chocolates use the highest quality cacao grown in the Peruvian Amazon.  We have been making specialty chocolate in Eastern Peru since 1998.  Our factory has organized training seminars for farmers in the region, educating them on how to produce high-quality cacao and how to properly ferment the beans, developing the rich flavors naturally found in cacao.  We work to develop our farmer's communities because that is where we are located.  Our US operation, Peruvian Chocolate, is working to bring recognition to our brand and our efforts.

Not certified organic, but...

Pesticides are counterproductive to growing cacao and are never used in our farmer's fields.  The small insects that pollinate the cacao tree's tiny flowers would be killed if pesticides were applied.  Artificial fertilizers are unnecessary because of the quality of soil found in our farmer's fields.  

Some of our farmers have been certified as organic but their fellow farmers do not have the resources to pay for their certification.  We do not want to punish already poor farmers by not buying their beans.  We have visited their fields, they have participated in our training seminars, their neighbors are certified but they aren't.  Quibbling over certification unnecessarily punishes poor farmers who couldn't even afford pesticides or artificial fertilizers if they wanted to use them.

At training seminars, farmers also learned how to maintain biodiversity of crops on their land ensuring its fertility.  

All ingredients locally sourced

Our cacao is locally sourced as well as all of our other ingredients.
We use locally sourced ingredients in our chocolates to give some interesting tastes and textures to our chocolate bars while supporting local farmers.  Learn more at our ingredients page

Quinoa and Kiwicha 

The Inca in Peru recognized the nutritive value of quinoa and kiwicha.  According to legend, Spanish conquistadors banned consumption of quinoa and kiwicha because they thought these foods made the Inca too smart and strong.  These pseudo-grains are one of the few plant sources of complete protein.  They are rich in vitamins and minerals and provided the energy the Inca needed to live in the Andes. 

Even NASA has investigated potential uses of
quinoa during space travel.  The nutrient density of quinoa and kiwicha make them super-foods.

Better Beans, Better Flavor
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